Why would I want to get this done?

Babies grow so quickly.  This is a way to preserve those tiny little fingers and toes – a moment frozen in time.  This is also a great gift for special grandparents, godparents, aunts and  uncles, or for mom or dad to keep their little ones with them at the office.

How old should the children be?

The compound is a bit cool so we like new babies to be a minimum of three weeks old.

What is the age limit for a child?

Feet can be molded up to the child’s first birthday.  Our only limiting factor is fitting the model onto our bases.  Children of all ages have been done successfully.

What is the cast made out of?

The cast is made out of a white stone, which is much harder and stronger than Plaster of Paris.

What does the child put its hand into?

The molding compound is a natural, non-toxic compound.  If the child happens to get the compound into their mouth it will in no way be harmful.

Will it cause a reaction?

After casting there has been no evidence of any reaction whatsoever.

How, exactly, is it done?

We work at the kitchen sink as water is necessary to mix with the molding compound.

Once the mixture is ready, we gently immerse the hand or the foot into the mixture.

Timing is critical, as the mixture sets rather quickly.

When set, the compound is rubbery, allowing the easy removal of the child’s hand or foot.  The molding compound is non-toxic and the child’s hand or foot comes out clean.  Occasionally, a bit of the molding mixture adheres to the arm or leg at the surface.  This is easily removed with a warm damp cloth.

When the fingers or toes are withdrawn, a cavity remains containing the intricate details of the child’s fingers or toes.

Where is the impression done?

In most cases it is most practical to come to the child’s home, or that of a friend or relative.  Parents and children are also welcome to come to the representative’s home.

What do I need to do when you come to do an impression?

An appointment lasts for about 30 minute.  The impression procedure takes only 1-2 minutes.

How delicate is the finished product?

This is an irreplaceable piece of art.  Individual fingers and toes are especially delicate due to their small diameters.  However, having said this, we can also say that the solid object  (closed fist or foot has been accidently dropped on a ceramic tile floor with no breakage).  To be safe, though, keep it out of the reach of small children.  If you hang the plaque on the wall,  there is a safety keyhole opening that, when used correctly, will ensure that it is securely fastened to the wall.  Under no circumstances hang the base on a nail.  A screw inserted into a  wall stud must be used.

How long after the appointment do I get the finished product?

Normal delivery interval is 6-8 weeks.  Special rush orders may be arranged, for an additional charge.  Once your base is ready, your representative will bring it back  to your home or arrange to meet you at a mutually agreed upon spot.

Do you keep the molds so I can get “reprints” later on?

No, we have to break the mold off when we take the finished model out.  We must do a separate casting for each finished model.

How long have you been in business?

We have been creating impressions of babies and children since February 1999.